River Hill Residents Serve as Founding Members of Champions Against Cancer Foundation

In March of 2014, John Champion, a member of the Greater River Hill community, lost a lengthy battle with cancer. John and his family were a vital and active part of the Clarksville/Highland area for more than fifteen years. He was a wonderful father, hus- band, son, trusted colleague at the Johns Hopkins University Ap- plied Physics Lab, and a friend to so many more.

John’s battle with cancer was long and difficult. As challenging as the battle was for him, as well as for all others who continue to fight the disease, cancer often has a devastating effect on family members. In many situations, the lives of the patient’s spouse and children are put on hold as all resources and energies are focused, appropriately so, on beating cancer. In the early part of 2015, with John as their inspiration, River Hill residents Doug Silverstein and Tim Finkelston, along with John’s family, established the Cham- pions Against Cancer charitable foundation to benefit children in Howard County. The mission of Champions Against Cancer is to help children whose parents have been or are afflicted with cancer. The organization’s goal is to help these children maintain a sense of normalcy by being able to continue their daily routine through the chaos that accompanies a parent’s fight against cancer.

The organization is comprised of family members, neighbors, and friends from Howard County. Champions Against Cancer pro- vides tangible support, including financial resources, for various

Pictured: John Champion with his wife, Amy, and their children, Luke

and Ellis.

purposes including college scholarships, school activities, athlet- ics, tutoring, and trips to see family. They also provide more lo- gistical support including arranging carpools and meals for entire families.

In its first year, Champions Against Cancer raised over $50,000 toward its mission, and it hopes to exceed that number in 2016. The organization holds two annual fundraising events, including a gala in May and a golf tournament in September. More information regarding both events is available on the foundation’s website,, or by contacting them at

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