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About us

In March 2014, John Champion lost a 10-month battle with cancer. He was 46 years old. John was a wonderful father and husband, a trusted colleague to many at the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab, and a friend to so many more. Everyone that was fortunate enough to cross paths with John quickly recognized his intelligence, his wit, and his contagious smile. John’s death was a tremendous loss to everyone who knew and loved him. No one, however, can understand a child’s pain of losing a parent at such a young age.

To ensure that John’s life was not forgotten and that his spirit would live on, Doug Silverstein and Tim Finkelston, along with John’s family, formed the Champions Against Cancer Foundation.
John’s battle with cancer was extremely difficult, and as difficult as that battle was for him, it was equally difficult for the family. Often, the lives of the patient’s spouse and children are put on hold as all resources and energies are focused on beating cancer. The mission of Champions Against Cancer soon gravitated toward the family members, in particular the children. When a parent has cancer, the lives of his/her child(ren) are anything but normal. Therefore, the mission of Champions Against Cancer is to help these children maintain a sense of normalcy through the chaos that accompanies a parent’s fight against cancer.

John was the inspiration behind Champions Against Cancer, and that inspiration continues to grow as the mission is embraced by so many members of the community. John touched many lives in his 46 years. Champions Against Cancer provides an opportunity to touch countless others in his memory.

Our Mission

Our Mission

The mission of the Champions Against Cancer Foundation is to help children who have or had a parent or full-time caregiver with cancer maintain a sense of normalcy as their family faces the many challenges of fighting the disease.


Our Goal

Our goal is to provide

financial assistance, support, strength and inspiration to children who have a parent or full-time caregiver who had or has cancer through community outreach; educational material about the causes and prevention of cancer; information about support networks available in Howard County and beyond.

Board of Dirctors

Board of Directors


Amy Champion



Janet Briel

Community Coordinator

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Tim Finkelston

Vice President


Elvira McCullough

Marketing and Website


Dave Stepherson


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